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Technisonic Announces 2020 Training Event – Melbourne FL

Technisonic is proud to offer

TDFM-9000 Series & Level II Dealer

Operations and Installation Training.


Melbourne Florida

December 9th and 10th


Attendees should plan to arrive in Melbourne FL by the afternoon or evening of Tuesday December 8th.  Each attendee is responsible for his/her own travel and hotel reservations.  In the interest of convenience, it is recommended that all attendees stay at the Host Hotel, Room Rate is $141.00 per night at the host hotel. Reservations must be made prior to 11-14-20 to secure this rate.


Class to held at:

Hilton Melbourne Beach Oceanfront

3003 North Highway A1A,

Melbourne FL, 32903   

Tel: 1-321-777-5000


 Planned itinerary is as follows:

Wednesday, Dec 9th  2020


8:00 –   8:30      Introductions, Housekeeping

8:30 –   9:00      TDFM-9000 Series Introduction

9:00 –   9:30       APX Modules – Differences, Single Band, Dual Band,  All Band

9:30 –   10:00    New Features:   Combined / Dual Combined / Separate audio / FPP

10:00 – 10:15    Break.

10:15 – 11:00     Installation Considerations,  Couplers, Antennas,

11:00 – 12:00     Radio Basics,  Operations / Customization’s

12:00 – 1:00       Lunch Break,  Provided

1:00 –   2:30       Motorola CPS Basics and Code Plug

2:30 –   2:45      Break

2:45 –   4:00       Motorola CPS Basics and Code Plug

4:00 –   5:00       Open use, Questions.


Thursday Dec 10th  2020                                   

8:00  –   8:30         TDFM-9100  Introduction / Capabilities

8:30 –    9:00         TDFM-9100  Operational Differences

9:00 –    9:30        TDFM -9000 Software package

9:30 –    9:45         Terra Term

9:45 –   10:00       Break

10:00 –  10:20      Updating TDFM software –

10:20 –  10:45       Paperwork, STC’s,   MOD discussions

11:00 – 12:00       TDAP Audio Controllers / New Products and Features

12:00 –  12:20       Dealer Requirements and responsibilities.

12-:20 – ????         Open Forum / Questions / Support


Reference material will be provided.  It would be helpful it each attendee were to bring a laptop as much of the class material and programming software is distributed in electronic format.  We believe you will find the information presented in this class interesting and helpful in attaining a complete understanding of the TDFM-9000 Series radios and new APX based programming.


If you plan to attend this class, please notify Jim Huddock at (tel) 612 231 9020, or e-mail: jhuddock@til.ca







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Toronto Canada, March 27th 2020 , Technisonic Industries Ltd., an industry leader in the development, manufacture and support of special-mission airborne communications systems, announces the launch of an All New Webinar Training Series.
Technisonic recognized that our valued Operators, Installers and Maintainers remain very busy during the current Covid-19 crisis, and the need for quick and full support continues even though travel is restricted. To help meet this need, Technisonic is launching a new LIVE WEBINAR series focusing on some of the critical and key aspects of its TDFM-9000 radios.

Broken into four progressive sessions, TDFM / CPS Connection, Motorola CPS / Radio Ergonomics, Motorola CPS Adding and Editing a Channel, Technisonic Firmware Updates. Each session is designed to stand alone or as part of the progressive series and addresses key set-up and/or operational aspects of the TDFM-9000 series. Sessions will be about 30-40 minutes in length and will be held on multiple dates through early April.

It’s cannot be stressed enough, the critical mission our airborne first responders have been tasked with” Said Jim Huddock, Business Development Manager for Technisonic. “Our task presently, during this Covid -19 crisis is to ensure that our operators are fully supported while safeguarding the Health and Safety of our employees and complying with government public health mandates.”

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Today, Technisonic Industries Ltd. (Technisonic) announced the development and fielding of its all-new, multi-purpose communication port (MCP) on the TDFM-9100 series radios. Developed in response to customers’ requests, Technisonic has significantly improved the TDFM-9100s by expanding the platform’s capability to fully support an additional two (2) external communications devices beyond the radio’s internal (2) all-band FM modules.

“For some time, we have had customers requesting the support of both legacy and non-P25 technologies to be implemented into our TDFM platforms,” said James Huddock (Business Development Manager for Technisonic). “Moto-turbo, Harris, PRC, and Satellite communications are just some of the product lines our customers have requested be supported. The development of the new Multi-Purpose Communications Port (MCP) technology has now vastly expanded the capability of Technisonic’s market-leading products, while maintaining the critical mission focus we have become known for.”

The new MCP capability is being added as a standard feature on all TDFM-9100s and has been developed not only to integrate and pass Mic / Audio / PTT, but it is also designed to allow for both control and feature integration on select products. Technisonic invites you to come see the TDFM-9100 with MCP Technology at Heli-Expo Las Vegas from February 26th through March 2, 2018 at our booth.

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FORT WORTH TX – At AMTC 2017, Technisonic Industries Ltd., an industry leader in the development, manufacture, and support of special-mission airborne communications systems, announces the TSO approval of its new TDAP-611 audio panel.

Recognizing that communication requirements of mission-based aircraft continues to grow in both scope and capability, Technisonic set about modernizing mission audio panels to meet today’s demanding audio requirements.  The TDAP-611 is the first in a new line of audio controllers being introduced by Technisonic.  Based on 2017 technology, the all new TDAP-611 does away with the mechanical buttons, knobs, and switches of yesterday and redesigned the user interface with modern digital switches, next generation lighting, and expanded capabilities demanded by both OEMs and operators alike.

“Our goal going into this program was to offer the clean, clear sound you expect from Technisonic, while doing away with unneeded size and complexities.  I think we have achieved that with the TDAP-611” said Jim Huddock, Director of Business Development.   Offering expanded capabilities such as (8) switched COMs, (6) switched NAVs, dedicated PA, and two ICS Tie lines, the TDAP-611 addresses the communication requirements of the majority of mission-based aircraft, without the cost or complexity of its digital competitors.

“As the natural progression of our products, of course the new TDAP-611 is not only compatible with the existing A-711/ A711L installations, making field updates and replacements possible, its smaller height and depth ensures panel space is never a problem.”

Technisonic invites you to come see the all new TDAP-611 on display at AMTC 2017 Fort Worth.

Both 1332 or contact Jim Huddock at jhuddock@til.ca


About Technisonic Industries Ltd.

Technisonic Industries Ltd. is a leader in the development of aeronautical FM, and multi-band special-mission airborne radios and audio communications systems. Its specialties include P25 airborne radios, digital and analog airborne audio, AM base stations for airlines, and analog airborne FM radios. The privately held Canadian electronics manufacturer has its principal offices in Mississauga, Ontario, near Toronto International Airport.

For more information about Technisonic Industries, visit www.til.ca.

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LOUISVILLE, KY – MARCH 01ST 2016 – At Heli-Expo 2016, Technisonic Industries Ltd., an industry leader in the development, manufacture, and support of special-mission airborne communications systems, announces the availability of a new common NIFOG code plug for the nation’s airborne first responders.

Recognizing a disconnect in the communications of our country’s first responders,  Technisonic, working with its partners has developed a new standardized zone / channel code plug based upon the National Interoperability Field Operations Guide or “NIFOG”.    “While the NIFGO guidance has been available for years, the programming, Zone and Channel plan has always been up to the operator, this unfortunately has left a serious disconnect in its implementation” said Jim Huddock, Business Development Manager.

Developed to provide programming and channel naming guidance,  the NIFOG is the nation’s radio interoperability guide and is enacted in times of Natural Disaster or National Emergency.  Spanning all three FM bands,  VHF, UHF, and 7-800MHz, the NIFOG gives our nation’s first responders a “common: channel framework with which to communicate.   Unfortunately, the document is complicated and it is time-consuming,  making it difficult to develop a workable code plug.

Technisonic, valuing our partnership with both federal and civil first responders,  recognized that while the radios are capable of supporting the NIFOG, these channels were going un-programmed resulting in ineffective communications. With this interoperability initiative,  we are hoping to help move our operators into a common implementation of NIFOG zones and channels,  so that when these aircraft arrive on scene, a common plan and capability is already in place, saving time and possibly lives.

Communication is one of the critical challenges facing our nations airborne first responders,  and we have learned some bitter lessons.  Katrina, Sandy, Moore, and  Joplin all have driven home the need to be proactive in developing and implementing our communication plans,  that is what the NIFOG is all about.

Technisonic as the leader in Airborne Civil Support Radio sees this new code plug offering as one of the most useful tools we can provide our operators.


You can see the new cockpit cards and installation of the NIFOG during HAI. Booth 1311.  Or contact Jim Huddock at jhuddock@til.ca to have the electronic APX based code-plugs, and cockpit cards in a printable format emailed to your unit.

Technisonics airborne communications products are the system of choice for demanding tactical applications in the fields of Air Ambulance, Electronic News Gathering (ENG), Fire Suppression, Law Enforcement and Army National Guard.

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(ORLANDO, FL – March 4, 2015) – At Heli-Expo 2015, Technisonic Industries Ltd., an industry leader in the development, manufacture, and support of special-mission airborne communications systems, announces the completion and first deliveries of its newest fully P25 Phase I and Phase II compliant radio, the TDFM-9100.

Developed to fulfill the ongoing need of EMS and Special Mission operators, the TDFM-9100 is the only two module, Phase II airborne radio to offer operators complete P25 bandwidth capability. The TDFM-9100 is Dzus panel-mounted and is completely self-contained (with no remote mount box) in a compact 3.0-inch-high, 5.75-inch-wide, 8.0-inch-deep chassis.

Following the same successful design and scalability of all 9000 series models, customers can define the number, style, and bandwidths needed for their particular mission.  Available in either a single or dual transceiver configuration, the 9100 allows a whole new group of operators and industries an affordable and P25 compliant solution to their airborne communications needs.  Need  more flexibility? Like all 9000 series radios, a fully functioning RC-9100 Remote Head is also available for rear cabin or mission stations.

Each TDFM-9100 transceiver can store 3,000 channels per module and be programmed to operate in digital or analog mode on a channel-by-channel basis. Each also independently supports SCAN across its entire frequency spectrum.  Built-in audio switching allows multiple radio frequency (RF) modules to operate in either combined or separate transceiver configurations. The TDFM-9100 series transceivers support simulcast and cross-band repeat and can be programmed using a Motorola Customer Programming Software (CPS).

All the new 9000 series models offer a complete range of optional encryption protocols (Motorola ADP is standard on all available modules).

Technisonic’s airborne communications products are the system of choice for demanding tactical applications in the fields of Air Ambulance, Electronic News Gathering (ENG), Fire Suppression, Law Enforcement, and Army National Guard.

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