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The TAC-200A Dual Audio Controller was designed to provide superior performance for those Forest Service applications requiring two completely independent audio controllers in a single panel mount configuration.

Separate pilot and co-pilot transmit selectors enable two operators to select any of the aircraft’s transceivers or PA amplifier at the same time and operate simultaneously on different transceivers. Separate pilot and co-pilot selector switches for each input allow simultaneous selection of any of the available aircraft audio inputs. Additionally, any of the 8 inputs can be switched to operate on either side of the controller. The TAC-200 features front panel adjustable and selectable, VOX, LIVE or Key ICS for both Pilot and co-pilot positions. This high power audio controller delivers 500 milliwatts per side (1000 mW total) into 600 Ohms at less than 5% distortion. The TAC-200A pinout is compatible with the new optimized ACCESS/A interconnect standard.

Download the TAC-200A brochure (IV.C.8.a, 621 KB)

Download TAC-200A Install Manual (IV.C.8.b, 1.68 MB)