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TDAP-711 Coming Soon

The TDAP-711 / TDAP-712 ACCESS/D™ Audio Controls are designed to provide centralized audio management and control within an airborne communications environment. Combining the best features of digital control and interface with the clarity and cleanliness of advanced analog processing, Access/D™ systems offer both a massive reduction in airframe wiring and a dramatic increase in system features including radio and transceiver selection, intercom, airframe threat alerting, and crew management.


  • The TDAP-711 master controller is the system interface. Only one Dzus unit to install and configure, there is no “remote box.” System architecture is for all airframe and radio signals to be routed to a single master TDAP-711 unit.
  • Four individual audio systems are contained within the TDAP-711, and can support up to three additional remote controllers for a complete ship set.
  • Supports 8 Transceivers, 8 Receivers, 7 Tone Warnings, 2 Fault Tolerant Direct inputs for threat warnings systems, All-Inclusive Simulcast, PA, Local Audio and Cabin Page.
  • User controls feature fully illuminated controls for every operation, your choice of conventional blue-white or NVG lighting.
  • Turn and grip rotary controls can be easily glove operated, despite the high control density.
  • Since no two operators ever seem to have the same radio complement, the entire TDAP control suite has agile legends, easily changed at any time, and a predefined assortment based on hundreds of customer requests is included with every system.
  • The TDAP-711 and TDAP-712 stations are front panel selectable, adjustable VOX, LIVE or KEYED intercom (ICS) functions.
  • An EMERGENCY mode, locking toggle provides “straight through” or “fail-passive” transmit and receive audio for the pilot or other users on a pre-set radio.
  • In the NORMAL position (front panel LED is green), the pilot’s audio is provided as selected by all of the panel controls, and is part of the ICS system.
  • Separate RX and ICS volume controls are provided on the panel along with an ICS VOX threshold control.


    • VHF Radios 1-2
    • Mission Radios 1-6
    • Airframe Alerts
    • Cabin Paging Amp
    • External Paging Amp
    • 28 Volt DC Power