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The TPS-250 from Technisonic is a frequency agile, VHF/AM synthesized transceiver packaged in an 9.25 X 15 X 5.5 portable chassis along with a 110/220 VAC power supply/charger, 15W Linear RF Amplifier and optional remote line interface board.

A 9 pin Cannon D connector on the rear of the chassis provides input/output signals for remote operation. The TPS-250 system incorporates a digital VHF/AM transceiver module which operates in simplex mode and allows quick keypad access and LCD display of the selected frequency in the range of 117.975 MHz to 138.000 MHz with 25 KHz channel spacing. Microprocessor based control circuitry allows the user to store up to ten frequencies in non volatile memory, then easily recall, seek or scan any of the above. A front panel switch allows the user to select 7W or 15W transmit power output. This system operates from internal battery power, 110/220 VAC or 27.5 VDC nominal power.