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The TDFM-136A transceiver is capable of analog and digital communications on every available channel in the General Service VHF High Band (136 to 174 MHz). It is also capable of multi mode operation in the 25 KHz analog, 12.5 KHz analog, and Project 25 12.5 KHz modulation on a channel by channel basis. All features (including operating frequency) are available and can be programmed from the front panel. The TDFM-136A can display channel, nomenclature and operating frequency for both main and guard channel simultaneously.

The TDFM-136A is a Project 25 compliant upgrade of the standard TDFM-136 which was becoming difficult to build due to parts obsolescence. All features of the standard TDFM-136 are retained in the TDFM-136A and all operating functions are identical. The TDFM-136A is plug and pin compatible with the legacy TFM-138B and standard TDFM-136.

Discontinued due to obsolescence and unavailability of parts.

Download TDFM-136A Brochure (IV.A.2.a, 174 KB)

Download TDFM-136A Installation Instructions (IV.A.2.b, 1.1 MB)

Download TDFM-136A Operating Instructions (IV.A2.c, 599 KB)

For TDFM-136A Software Version 3.2.1 click here.