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Discontinued due to obsolescence and unavailability of parts.
Technical Information BulletinThe TDFM-136 has been replaced by the TDFM-136B.The TDFM-136 is a Project 25 compliant airborne transceiver capable of analog and digital communication on every available channel in the General Service VHF FM High Band (136 to 174 MHz). It is capable of multi-mode operation in 25 kHz analog, 12.5 kHz analog, and Project 25  12.5 kHz digital modulation on a channel by channel basis. All features (including operating frequencies) are available and can be programmed from the front panel. The TDFM-136 will also support DES and DES-OFB encryption as well as P25 OTAR on an optional basis with the release of version 3.x.x software.
Download TDFM-136 Brochure
Download TDFM-136 Installation & Operating Instructions (Rev. D, Issue 12)
Download TDP-136 Dataloader Programming Software
Download TDFM-136 Software Version 3.2.1