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FOR MODELS TDFM-9000/9200/9300/9100  APX Based

FOR MODELS TDFM-600/6000/7000/7300  XTS  Based

Models TDFM-9000 /9200/9300/and TDFM-9100
Type I and Type II

  • Download Motorola CPS Software and Cable Ordering Guide
  • Download the TDFM-9000 Code-Plug Info PDF,  – This describes what codeplugs are used on what modules as listed above.
  • Download codeplugs for APX 7000 (T30xx) and 8000 (T4000) RF modules.
  • TDFM-9000 SERIES FACTORY DEFAULT CODEPLUG TEMPLATES.pdf – this file describes the factory default codeplugs for the T30xx RF moduels and analog RF modules.

Models TDFM-7300

Note: The term “software” refers to the main Technisonic software which runs the entire radio. The term “firmware” refers to the software that runs the RF sub assemblies which are part of the radio.