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Discontinued due to obsolescence and unavailability of parts.

The TDFM-136A transceiver is capable of analog and digital communications on every available channel in the General Service VHF High Band (136 to 174 MHz). It is also capable of multi-mode operation in the 25 kHz analog, 12.5 kHz analog, and Project 25 12.5 kHz modulation on a channel by channel basis. All features (including operating frequency) are available and can be programmed from the front panel. The TDFM-136A can display channel, nomenclature, and operating frequency for both main and guard channel simultaneously.

The TDFM-136A is a Project 25 compliant upgrade of the standard TDFM-136 which was becoming difficult to build due to parts obsolescence. All features of the standard TDFM-136 are retained in the TDFM-136A and all operating functions are identical. The TDFM-136A is plug and pin compatible with the legacy TFM-138B and standard TDFM-136.

Download TDFM-136A Brochure

Download TDFM-136A Installation Instructions (Rev. C, Issue 7)

Download TDFM-136A Operating Instructions (Rev. D)

TDFM-136A Software Version 3.2.1