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Note: Current Version of CPS is 27.00.00

Please use your current Login and Password to access either site. Following is the specific guidance to finding your CPS Software resources going forward.

Motorola MyView Update:

The following is information regarding Motorola’s new MYVIEW Website.

Motorola has recently announced its’ new My View website for use by Existing Account Holders. This website will be your new access point in the procurement and update of your CPS software. Beginning with Version 22.00.05 of APX-CPS, you will now need to access this new website, It is understood the previous versions of CPS (V 22.00.00 and prior will continue to be housed on the website.)

Motorola CPS Procedures Update

New Motorola MyView Web Page

Motorola Business Online – CPS Version 22.00.02 and older

TDFM-9000/9100 Software Upgrade

The SW packages are intended for TDFM-9000, 9100, 9200, and 9300 radios and RC-9000s that have Mod 2 status and front panel.

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Motorola CPS and Code Plug Resources

Software / Cables Ordering Guide
Quick Reference Guide for models TDFM Series Radios

Default Code Plugs and CPS Resources

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TDFM-136B Software Upgrade

This SW (software) upgrade is for the TDFM-136B Radios.

This field software upgrade package comprises of the following parts:

  1.  Main MCU SW
  2.  RF Module Software Image

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Multi-TDP (TFM Series)

The Technisonic Data Programmer (Multi-TDP) software now available for download from this page will allow anyone with a standard personal computer (PC) to to retrieve data from a connected transceiver for editing, sorting and sharing with other Technisonic transceivers.

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USB Driver Info

If your Technisonic product uses a USB interface, it is configured as a Virtual Com Port (VCP) which emulates a serial COM. The required driver is available for free distribution from Future Technology Devices International (FTDI).

Download and install the latest release of the VCP driver for Windows per the instructions on the web page located here.

TDP-90 VHF/AM Base Station

The software is used to program the pre-set operating frequencies of the following Technisonic VHF/AM transceivers: TMS-100, TLC-100, TBS-100/200/300 and TSC-4100/4200/4300 and the TSR-4100 receiver and TST-4100/4200/4300 transmitters.

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TDP-136 (TDFM-136A/136B)

The TDFM-136A/B and newer generation TDFM-136 with firmware version 2.X.X main code (displayed on power up) uses V2.6.0 or above programming software.

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 teraterm programming software v4.75:

From time to time it may be necessary to update the operational software for the TDFM-9000 series of radios.  Below you will find a link to download “TeraTerm”,   This is a terminal emulator program utilized to access the Virtual Serial Port Technisonic employs to access and update the TDFM-9000 core firmware. Additionally you will find a link to the “TDFM-9000 Series Software Upgrade Procedure” .  This document describes in detail the procedure to load new software into the TDFM-9000 series radios.  There are several pieces of SW that need to be loaded when upgrading which are always included in any software release.   All TDFM-9000 series radios are field upgradeable and only requires a PC, Programming cable and terminal software to load the FW.

Download TeraTerm Software

TDP-136 (TDFM-136/136A)

The TDFM-136A/B and newer generation TDFM-136 with firmware version 2.X.X main code (displayed on power up) uses V2.6.0 or above programming software.

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