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Technisonic Industries Ltd. is a privately held Canadian Electronics Manufacturer with principal offices in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Since 1990, Technisonic has focused its efforts on the development of aeronautical band VHF ground equipment and Special Mission Airborne RF and audio communications systems. Technisonic is well-established as a world leader in the development of aviation-related communications products. Building on its solid background of RF design expertise and innovation, Technisonic Industries Ltd. has won the confidence of almost all major airlines and airport authorities who count on TiL system performance and reliability on a daily basis.

Technisonic’s tactical airborne VHF, UHF, and multi-band communications systems have come to dominate the industry. Technisonic airborne communications systems are the system of choice for demanding tactical applications in the fields of Air Ambulance, Electronic News Gathering (ENG), Fire Suppression, and Law Enforcement. Now, Technisonic ACCESS/A mono and stereo audio control systems significantly advance the state of the art for high performance, complex (multiple user) helicopter installations.

Technisonic communications systems have been installed in virtually every kind of flying machine and are in use daily with the US National Guard for which AWR have been developed for the UH-60 BlackHawk, the CH-47 Chinook, the UH-1 (all versions), and the C-130 Hercules transport.

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