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Technisonic Repair Manuals and Publications are available in electronic format in an on-line Subscription Service to which you must subscribe.

The subscription cost is $250.00 per year for all available Repair Manuals, Service Bulletins and Technical Information Bulletins, or $50.00 per year for a single product Repair Manual and related updates. To arrange download access, please contact Technisonic Customer Service Department at (905) 890-2113, ext 122 or by email at customer service. With respect to payment for this service, Technisonic will accept a purchase order from companies who have established credit with Technisonic. All others must provide a credit card number (Visa) to be allowed access. This subscription service will ensure that your Technical library is up to date with the all latest technical information. As updates and service information become available, Technisonic posts the changes and updates to the Technisonic web site under the Repair Manuals and Publications heading.

Access allowed by Technisonic to the secure Repair Manuals and Publications page of it’s web site, shall be for the sole use of the recipient. Technisonic service manuals contain designs and other information that are the exclusive property of Technisonic. Except for rights expressly granted by contract to the Canadian or United States government, these documents may not, in whole or in part, be duplicated or disclosed to any third party or used for manufacture of any part disclosed therein without the prior written permission of Technisonic Industries Ltd. The recipient further agrees that he cannot share the protective access password(s) and that access is subject to cancellation at any time if shared with any entity in attempt to defraud. Technisonic Repair Manuals are protected by copyright. Persons violating Technisonic’s copyright protection can expect to be prosecuted.

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