Forest fires are some of the largest natural disasters in our history, and fighting them can mean thousands of men, all working together, In this situation Communication and coordination is Key, that why Technisonic began over 20 years ago with the purpose built TFM 138, today while technology has changed, Technisonics commitment to the USFS and its airborne firefighting efforts has not. That’s why Technisonic has more forest service certified airborne radios than any other manufacturer. Whether you’re a contractor, or contributor, we have the right solution for you, From the TDFM-136B to the TDFM-9300 check out all of the certified solutions available only from Technisonic.


Beginning back in 1994 with our first TFM-138 to today’s fully compliant, Digital, P25 TDFM-136B. Technisonic has always been at the forefront when it comes to Forest Service radios. Whether in the US, Canada or elsewhere the TDFM-136B is the industry leader in providing the reliable communications needed, when life and property are on the line.

Furthering our commitment, operators can now also choose to select one of four additional TDFM-9000 series radios, the TDFM-9000, 9100, 9200, and 9300 are all Forest service approved.

Shown are two of the leading Forest Service radio on the market, the TDFM-136B and the muli-band TDFM-9000

Each radio is fully approved for US Forest Service work.

Please follow Link to US Forest Service Approved Radio Letter, 2016

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