ANNOUNCEMENT: Technisonic introduces it’s ALL-NEW FORESTRY MODE Solution in the TDFM-9000. 

Learn this Industry First solution to the new three radios Forest Service requirements here:

Forest fires are some of the largest natural disasters in our history, and fighting them can mean thousands of men, all working together, in this situation Communication and coordination is Key, that why Technisonic began over 20 years ago with the purpose built TFM 138, today while technology has changed, Technisonics commitment to the USFS and its airborne firefighting efforts has not. That’s why Technisonic has more forest service certified airborne radios than any other manufacturer. Whether you’re a contractor, or contributor, we have the right solution for you, From the TDFM-136B to the TDFM-9300 check out all the certified solutions available only from Technisonic.


Developed to meet the updated USFS radio requirements requiring multiple Main/Guard radios, Forestry Mode is an advanced software / hardware interface combination which allows the TDFM-9000 or TDFM-9300 to operate as either 2 or 3 Forestry type radios.  VHF Main and Guard capability with defined main and guard module functions.   Main and guard antenna ports are switched via the newly developed ASU-9000 to a single install for each Main/Guard pairing, allowing only 3 antennas in an installation rather than 6.  Mic, Audio and PTT lines are also combined such that only 3 positions are required on the audio panel.  Resulting in both significant cockpit, airframe, and weight savings.

Available on both the TDFM-9000 and TDFM-9300’s Forestry Mode addresses the space installation challenges in the cockpit and airframe associated with updated USFS communications requirements.

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