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Getting any airframe to work well with a complex tactical radio system is not a simple process. Airframe limitations in terms of physical space and grounded surfaces, existing ATC and IFR radio system interference, and operational requirements all conspire daily to defeat a working system in some way. It takes care in every step of the process to arrive at a system that is truly functional, with minimal interference, and operationally useful to flight crews when working at their assigned task. Every person involved in the ship plays an important role in arriving at a workable system: the airframe OEM, the equipment manufacturer, the completion center, and flight crews. The performance of each one is critical in achieving good overall system operation. It is critically important to understand that as system complexity goes up, performance suffers and, due to physical limitations, it is not possible to have totally non-interfering RF systems in a very limited space with simultaneous operation. It is possible to significantly limit the effects and problems generated by mutually interfering systems, however, so that useful flight is not materially affected. The goal of this publication is to help everyone involved in the process arrive at the best possible result.


Understanding the complex world of airborne tactical communication from installation to operation for TFM & TDFM-Series.

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