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 Technisonic airborne products can be approved for installation in fixed and rotary wing aircraft via the following methods.

ACCESS/A audio controllers are TSO’d and are therefore eligible for installation into any aircraft. This certification facilitates a nice, clean and simple installation approval as most regulatory agencies worldwide recognize TSO compliance and all that such certification represents.

Presently no TSO standard exists for airborne FM. To make it easier for installation agencies to provide their customers with an approved installation supported by an effective Airworthiness Approval, Technisonic has secured Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) Approval (both US and Canadian) for all airborne FM products.  Approved aircraft types are listed in the attachments to the formal STC documents.

To assist Factory Authorized Technisonic Dealers in the certification process, we have placed copies of our Canadian and US STCs on our web site. These documents may be downloaded and used as support for the technical submission to FAA or Transport Canada. Only factory authorized dealers are permitted to download and make use of these documents on behalf of their customers (end users) in support of regulatory agency approval.


These STCs are the exclusive property of Technisonic and require the written authority of Technisonic for their use.  A letter of authorization or permission to use an STC can be requested from Technisonic.  The information we require to issue this letter is outlined in the PDF here.

All documents below (including drawings) are in PDF format.


Airborne FM Radio STC (US & Canada)

United States 

SR00811NY (636 KB)
SA00812NY (458 KB)


SA97-129 Issue 20 (2.1 MB)
SH97-10 Issue 21 (464 KB)

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