The Technisonic TDFM-136B is a Project 25 U.S. Forest Service compliant airborne VHF/FM transceiver. Providing digital or conventional analog FM communications on every currently available channel from 136 to 174 MHz within the VHF/FM band. The new 136B has been designed from the ground up with your forestry mission in mind as a drop-in replacement for existing Technisonic and NPX radio sets.

Project 25 Airborne FM


Capabilities and Features of the TDFM-136B Include:

  • The TFDM-136B operates on the Common Air Interface and is capable of multimode operation at 12.5 kHz analog* and Project 25 12.5 kHz digital modulation on a channel-by-channel basis.
  • The TDFM-136 transceiver features a Two Channel Synthesized Guard receiver.
  •  Allows up to 230 non-volatile memory positions (channels) via front panel 12 button key pad, or downloaded from a PC.
  • Direct Entry or Simplex mode is accomplished by simply keying in the desired operating frequency.
  • A 48-Character, 2 line LED matrix display, is available in green or optional NVG compatible.
  • Support of unique CTCSS and DCS signaling for transmit and receive frequencies.
  • New architecture is based on Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology and does not depend on availability of proprietary chip sets from competitive vendors.
  • Encryption support of DES single bit cypher feedback encryption to enable operation with existing systems and is upgradeable to Project 25 DES OFB or AES encryption standard.
  • A USB upload/download function allows the operator to program all radios via a PC.
  • Scan enabled across any or all of the channels stored in the preset memory positions.
  • The TDFM-136B transceiver is panel-mounted (standard Dzus) and completely self-contained in a 3.0” (H), 5.75” (W) and 8.0” (D) chassis weighing just 3.5 pounds.
  • Front panel controls are MAIN for main channel volume, GUARD for guard channel.

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