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The ALL-NEW TDAP-611 analog audio panel leapfrogs analog audio into the 21st century based upon new thinking and new technology.  The -611 offers the clean, clear sound you expect from Technisonic, while doing away with unneeded size and complexities.  Key features include new digital softkeys, integrated controls, agile legends, and selectable crew isolation to name only a few.

  • COMs (8) switched
  • NAVs (6) Switched
  • Directs (3)
  • Alerts (3)
  • ICS Tie (2) Switched
  • PAs (1) Switched

Physical Characteristics:

  • New smaller height requirement at 2.24”
  • New shallower depth at 4.59”
  • New lighter weight 2.23 lbs
  • New brighter display 2nd Gen LED Distribution
  • Contains new, 2nd generation LED lighting boards providing both greater and conformal lighting across the unit and spectrum. All user controls are fully illuminated for every operation (your choice of conventional blue-white or NVG lighting).
  • Turn and grip rotary controls can be easily glove-operated, despite the high control density.
  • Since no two operators ever seem to have the same radio complement, the entire TDAP control suite has agile legends, easily changed at any time, and a predefined assortment based on hundreds of customer requests is included with every system.
  • The unique dual ICS allows crew isolation at the pull of a knob, allowing passengers or crew to isolate themselves or their pilots with a single simple action.
  • Simple conformal connections allow the -611 to replace or coexist in an existing A711 installation with nothing but minor modifications.
  • Easy support of Simulcast operations by simply enabling multiple Com ports at the touch of a button.