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Technisonic will still maintain support for Discontinued Products.


The TDFM-136A has been replaced by the TDFM-136B (TCAA and FCC STC approvals pending).

The TDFM-136A transceiver is capable of analog and digital communications on every available channel in the General Service VHF High Band (136 to 174 MHz).

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The TDFM-520 is now obsolete and has been discontinued.

The Technisonic TFM-520 is a frequency agile, synthesized, multi-band, multi-mode, panel mount, self contained airborne transceiver.

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The TDFM-636 VHF FM dual band is the latest addition to the TDFM-600 series line of transceivers.

It offers the most up-to-date maximum performance technology including P25 CAI, P25 Trunking, AES encryption with P25 OTAR and front panel programmability.

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The TAC-200A Dual Audio Controller has been discontinued.

The TAC-200A Dual Audio Controller was designed to provide superior performance for those Forest Service applications requiring two completely independent audio controllers in a single panel mount configuration.

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The TSC-4400 has been discontinued.

The TSC-4400 High Power, VHF/AM transceiver is a 50 Watt Base Station intended for use in Civil Aviation Communications applications.

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The configurable, multi-band TDFM-7000 Airborne FM transceiver from Technisonic is designed to meet the most demanding multi-band requirements of Law Enforcement, Public Safety and Air Medical operators.

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The TDFM-7300 is a configurable five band airborne transceiver capable of supporting operation on all APC/P25 Digital/Analog general service bands PLUS it supports an analog position which allows the purchaser to select one of the flowing options:

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TDFM-600/6000 Type II

Technisonic TDFM-600/6000 Type II series multiband transceivers are Project 25 compliant. They function in conventional and trunked modes, they support digital and analog operation, and they support the functions and features of most Industry Standard Public Safety communications systems.

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