Airborne Audio

Access/A Panel Legends

The Technisonic A711L advanced audio system features a new fully illuminated tactile user interface, the ability to support up to seven transceivers in simulcast operation, and a “single switch transfer” to PA operation. (Transferring to PA operation while in simulcast mode leaves the pre defined simulcast settings un-disturbed.)

Additional features include cross-sidetone monitoring; three level optically coupled tone alerting and powered headphone drivers that work effectively in worst case noise environments and helmet / mic combinations. All prior Access/A system features from TiL are fully supported in the A711L, including a noise-resistant floating interconnect.

This powerful audio control system is TSO’d and provides unsurpassed tactical radio control with clear and effective inter-ship communication. (recently selected by LAPD vs all other available systems). Extensive design input from LAPD Tactical Flight Officers validates that every scenario in the Airborne Law Enforcement mission has been considered ensuring that the A711L is ideally suited for any flight mission.

Technisonic A711L: The “clear” choice in audio control.

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