HEMS operations are the most critical operations in the air,  Every flight effects a life. That’s why clear, reliable, and simple communication is not only important, it can be critical. Partnering with the HEMS industry, Technisonic is proud to provide some of the most highly accepted and utilized communications solutions available.  Case in point is the TDFM-9100, a simplified version of the 9000 series,  the 9100 was designed for the EMS operations, offering complex radio solutions in a simple, compact and easy to operate package means you will less time working radios, and more time doing what’s really important. Patient Care.  The RC-9100 is a full function remote head for the TDFM-9100,  allowing both front and rear crews full control over the radio, band and channel they need, when they need it.

Shown is the TDFM-9100.   The choice in EMS communications.  With your choice of one or two all-band capable transceivers, in the a small lightweight chassis,  the TDFM-9100 not only offers unparalleled installation options,  at 3 lbs,  finding room wont became a weight balance trade-off either.

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