The Technisonic Data Programmer (Multi-TDP) software now available for download from this page will allow anyone with a standard personal computer (PC) to retrieve data from a connected transceiver for editing, sorting, and sharing with other Technisonic transceivers. It will easily facilitate the programming of all Technisonic transceivers with the exception of the TDFM-136, for which you will have to download the TDP-136 program separately (below). The Multi-TDP programmers are 32 bit Windows applications that will work under Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, and Windows 2000. Documentation for each of the respective Programmers is available from the pull down “Help” menu at the top of the programmer display.

Multi-TDP Programming Software V1.32

Download TFM-30, TFM-138, TFM-138B, TFM-403, TFM-500, TFM-550, and TDFM-9200/9300 PC installation program [Release V1.32] (MSI file, 4.52 MB)

If installing MultiTDP for the first time, first install the previous version MultiTDP V1.29.

Note: TFM-30, TFM-138, TFM-138B, and TFM-403 require PIB-100 (below) to be used with this program.For users of earlier single band transceivers (TFM-30, TFM-138 Series, and TFM-403)

Upgrade instructions and factory documents are included in the SW bundle for returning units to service after the upgrades are complete. See the software release notes for specifics.

Although Technisonic TFM-500 and TFM-550 multi-band transceivers are capable of RS-232 serial communications, single band analog radios are not. These transceivers utilize non-standard serial data communications via the PC printer port using a DOS program. Unfortunately, many of the computer hardware manufacturers have, over time, changed their printer port’s parameters which in recent releases allows the computer to determine which printer is available at which port and automatically installs the appropriate software. This issue along with Windows NT (for networks) and the advent of the new Microsoft Windows 2000 and Window XT operating systems (which no longer allow the user to control the printer port) makes the use of the Technisonic DOS upload/download software obsolete. If you are experiencing difficulties with Technisonic DOS upload/download software due to the above circumstances, it will be necessary for you to purchase a PIB-100 Programming Interface Box, P/N 001108-1. The PIB-100 allows TFM series single band transceivers to be programmed via the RS-232 serial interface on any PC. The PIB-100 will enable the non-standard serial communications protocol that the Technisonic single band transceivers need to see in order to be programmed. The PIB-100 comes with Windows-based software to enable programming of the TFM-138 (S/N 1540 and up and with 100 memory positions only), the TFM-138B (versions with F-14 software only), the TFM-403 (S/N J200 and up), and the TFM-30 (all versions). All cables required to interface between your computer and single band transceiver are included.

The PIB-100 Programmer Interface Box is available from Dallas Avionics at 214-320-9770 or 1-800-527-2581.

Download PIB-100 Installation and Operating Instructions (1.1 MB)

The PIB-100 software contained in the Multi-TDP package enables Windows based Programmers to program the TFM-30, TFM-138, TFM-138B, and TFM-403. The PIB-100 hardware is an interconnect assembly (complete with interconnect cables) that interfaces between any computer having an RS-232 serial port and the above named TFM series transceivers.

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