The TDFM Webinar Series is presented to help familiarize, or re-familiarize you with basic TDFM concepts such as updating radio firmware, Setting up proper Radio Ergonomic, Adding and Deleting a channel, Global Settings, and core software interactions.

Each Webinar typically last between at 30 to 60 minutes and will be hosted on the ZOOM platform. To sign up for or request webinar support for any session or need, please RSVP with the specific meeting # or request to jhuddock@tfcomm.net for your confirmation.

The proper meeting link and code will be provided one day before the meeting to your confirmation email. Simply follow the link, a download of Zoom may be required, please allow time for setup if you have not utilized Zoom prior to your event.

Session # 1 : TDFM / CPS Connection

This first in the series will walk you through the basics of setting up the connection between Motorola CPS and a TDFM-9000 series radio. We will look at the process to establish a connection, Reading From and Writing to specific modules within your radio. Saving the default code-plug, and the basic structure and key elements and features of CPS.

Session # 2 : Motorola CPS / Radio Ergonomics

In this session we will look at the interaction between setting of radio ergonomics in CPS and their effect on the radio interface. This includes setting up items such as Softkeys, 2-Position and 3-Position switches, as programming keys such as MS-1 and Monitor functions.

We will also cover the affects this can have on Configuration Menu setting on the TDFM as well as the displayed channel icons and parameters.

Session #3: Motorola CPS Adding and Editing a Channel

In this session we will look specifically at how to add or edit a channel within CPS. This includes the basic concepts of “Personalities” as well as Zone and Channel Naming. We will also look at the proper set up of Front Panel Programing within CPS.

Session #4: Technisonic Firmware Updates.

In this session we will look specifically at the software and procedure to follow to update the Technisonic firmware of your TDFM. For this process you will need to secure Tera-term software, Version 4.75 and download the current firmware from Technisonics Website.

Firmware Download Link: http://til.ca/support/programming-software/tdfm-90009100-sw-upgrade/

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