Analog Airborne FM


The Technisonic TFM-556 is a three-band, frequency agile, VHF/UHF airborne FM transceiver designed to provide communications on International VHF low band (from 66 to 88 MHz), VHF high band (138 to 174 MHz), and UHF band (403 to 512 MHz).

This synthesized multi-band transceiver offers narrow band (12.5 kHz) or wide band (25.0 kHz) operation on any or all of it’s 600 preset memory positions (200 channels per band) and can operate without restriction on any frequency pair in any band. Each channel is capable of storing a transmit frequency, a receive frequency, a separate CTCSS (sub audible) tone and/or DPL/DCS code for each transmit and receive frequency, as well as a 9-character alpha-numeric identifier for each channel. All data and software control functions are via the 12-button front panel keypad. Operating frequency, alpha-numeric identifier and other related data are presented on a 96-character, four-line LED Matrix display. The TFM-556 is compatible with other Technisonic airborne FM installations and can be operated from a single audio controller input position. Alternately, the TFM-556 can be installed to 2 audio controller positions (typically FM1 and FM2) which will allow simultaneous operation on VHF and UHF from different locations in the aircraft. The TFM-556 weighs just 5.1 pounds, is Dzus (panel) mounted and is completely self-contained.

NOTE: The TFM-556 is not FCC or IC approved and therefore is not available for use in North America.

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