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The Technisonic TFM-520 is a frequency agile, synthesized, multi-band, multi-mode, panel mount, self contained airborne transceiver.

This radio can operate without restriction on every valid narrow or wide band channel in the UHF band (403 to 512 MHz) in FM mode and VHF (138 to 174 MHz) in either AM or FM Mode (front panel switch). The TFM-520 features 200 operator programmable memory positions (channels) per band, each of which is capable of storing an alpha-numeric label, receive frequency, transmit frequency, a CTCSS or DPL/DCS code and a narrow/wide band channel assignment. Operating frequency and other related data are presented on a 96-character, four-line, LED matrix display. Data entry and function control are via a 12-button, front panel keypad. Pre-programmed channels can be scrolled, scanned or instantly recalled by keypad command. The TFM-520 was designed to provide secondary airborne communications to support operations which are typically performed in a low altitude environment. VHF transmit power output for is 10 Watts or 1 Watt in FM mode and 6 Watts or 1 Watt (carrier) in AM mode. UHF transmitter output is 1 Watt in high power mode and 0.1 Watt (100 mW) in low power mode. The small size and light weight (only 5 lbs.) of this outstanding transceiver make it ideal for helicopter installations. The TFM 520 was designed specifically to provide communications support for UK Police agencies. This item is currently available only in the United Kingdom.