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The A790 Loud Hailer Controller is an airborne public address amplifier-controller, siren generator with pre-recorded sounds and user message playback player. There is only one version of the Model A790. All units support both 5 and 28 volt back lighting and the display colour comes in NVG Compatible Green.

The A790 Loud Hailer Controller weighs in at only 13.4 oz. Its compact size is approx. 5.6″ x 1.125″ x 5.75 inches.

The A790 is designed to work in conjuntion with high-powered public address systems such as the Power Sonix PSAIR22 or PSAIR42.

The A790 provides the following features to an airborne PA system installation:

The user can use the PA system directly with the headset mic.
A message can be pre-recorded in the A790 to be played over the PA system.
A siren or a trill sound can be played through the PA.

An auxiliary input jack allows for an input from an external source such as an MP3 player to be routed to the PA system or to the A790 message recorder.

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