CLEAR  mission

Unified Communications 

The Technisonic “Clear” Mission Unified Communications solution pairs the TDFM-9000 series radio with its companion audio panel the TDAP-611/650. Clear Communication is critical to safe and effective mission response. That’s why Technisonic took the extraordinary step of designing it’s TDAP audio panel specifically in support of the TDFM product line. Together, they provide Law Enforcement, EMS, and Federal Operators with a fully featured, compact and lightweight communication solution developed for the special mission fixed wing and rotor craft market.

Leveraging the full scalability of the TDFM line of mission radios, CLEAR can support all Tactical transceivers within the TDFM, while fully supporting the Aircraft’s standard Airband-AM comms and PA system.

The flexibility of the TDAP Audio line allows the operator to purpose your TDFM across 4 separate Audio Controllers supporting up to 7 headset positions.

 TDAP 650 Cut Sheet Brochure

CLEAR Components Include: 

  • One TDFM-9000 Series Radio supporting an expansive mix from one to 6 internal of AM Analog
    and P25 FM compatible transceivers. The TDFM-9000 series radios can be configured to support
    all civil support bands. Airband, VHF-UHF-7/800 FM UHF-AM, 30-50MHz FM VOR Voice 107-
    117.9 AM
  • MCP is standard on all TDFM-9000 Series radios, and allows for direct connection, and in some
    cases, full integration of external comm sources such as Portable radios or Satellite Calling

All TDFM-9000 Series radios are Custom Build to support the Operators specific mission communications requirements and budget.

Fully Scalable TDAP Audio Consists of: 

  • One to four TDAP Audio panels as defined by Specific Mission and Aircraft Configuration
  • Simple Bluetooth integration directly to the intercom, allowing telephone voice via your
  •  Dual ICS ties, allowing for one touch passenger / rear crew isolation.
  •  Dedicated PA circuitry
  •  Exclusive Digital Line connection allowing a simple (2) wire digital tie directly from the radio to
    the rear audio panel.

Standard on all TDAPs is the support of up to (8) Comms, Switched,  (6) Navs, Switched, Dual ICS ties, Dedicated PA, (3) Alerts, (3) Directs, Digital Soft keys and Agile Legends, NVG

The CLEAR solution is fully backed by Technisonic. Providing you a single source of Warranty, Service and Support of your entire Mission Critical Communications system.

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