It’s a tough job to start with; showing up in the midst of natural disasters in your own state is even tougher. From forest fires to hurricanes, search and rescue to homeland security, the CONUS mission of the US military is one of its most challenging. Keeping up with Civil Communications is equally as difficult. That is why Technisonic has worked closely with all branches of the military to provide standardized, certified, and thoroughly vetted communication solutions capable of interacting with today’s most complex land mobile and civil systems. Learn why the TDFM-9000 is now the most chosen Airborne Civil Support radio across the entire DOD.

Technisonic is proud to have been selected by the US. Army National Guard as their standard for Civil Support Communications. With AWRs for both the CH-47F and the Blackhawk fleets, we are proud to support those who serve. Please follow the link below to access key TDFM-9000 installation and training materials used to support the US ARNG.

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