T6 All-Band  Analog Airborne Transceiver 

T6 Module is an analog all-band, frequency agile, airborne AM-FM transceiver intended to provide radio communications on every channel currently available including the VHF low band (30 to 50 MHz), VHF-VOR Voice (107-117.9), VHF-AM (118-156MHz), UHF-AM (225-400MHz). Available in both the TDFM-9300 and 9200, the T6 provides full analog spectrum coverage in a single, simple to use, fully-integrated package.

The T6 synthesized multi-band transceiver offers narrow band
(12.5 kHz) wide band (25.0 kHz) and (8.33kHz) channel spacing as appropriate. It maintains preset memory 400 channels and can operate without restriction on any frequency in any band. Each channel is capable of storing a transmit frequency, a receive frequency, a separate CTCSS tone and/or a DPUDCS code for each transmit and receive frequency, presented on the TDFM’s alpha-numeric display for each channel. All data and software­controlled functions are via the 16-button, front panel keypad.

Capabilities of the T6

  • T6 module offers a programmed channel capacity of up to 400 channels in memory, ensuring your mission’s frequency needs can be met
  • Full Sub-Audible tones (PL and DPL) capabilities are embedded into the T6 for both low band and UHF-AM frequencies
  • Includes full integration support of advanced feature sets within the TDFM-9000 series radios, including Repeat / Relay and Simulcast
  • Programmed via Technisonic’s all new TDP Software
  • Full Scan capabilities are included on the module
  • Simple front panel programming options including “Freq”
  • (Simplex channels) “FPP” (Advanced Simplex and Duplex channels) programming
  • Single antenna installation ensures a minimal installation footprint on the airframe

band Widths

  • Low Band FM (30-50MHz)
  • VOR Voice AM (107-117.9Mhz)
  • VHF-AM (118-156Mhz) Extended Comms
  • UHF-AM (225-400MHz) Military Standard

Built with Airborne Law Enforcement in mind, the T6 Module AM-FM transceiver provides radio communications on every channel currently available including the VHF low band, VHF-VOR Voice, VHF-AM, and UHF-AM.

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