Discontinued due to obsolescence and unavailability of parts.

The configurable, multi-band TDFM-7300 Airborne FM transceiver from Technisonic is designed to meet the most demanding multi-band requirements of Law Enforcement, Public Safety (first responders) and Air Medical operators. This versatile member of the Technisonic FM Communications Systems family delivers maximum performance and the most up to date technology as may be required by Federal, State, or Local Government agencies. The TDFM-7300 can support any mix of up to four P25 compliant VHF (136 to 174 MHz), UHF lo (380 to 470 MHz), UHF hi (450 to 520 MHz) and 800 MHz module which supports both 700 MHz and 800 MHz bands (764 to 820 MHz) PLUS one analog module. The options for the single analog module are; VHF lo band (30 to 50 MHZ), UHF (403 to 512 MHz) or aeronautical band VHF/AM (118 to 136 MHz).

Discontinued Products

TDFM-600/6000 Type II

A 144 character, 6 line, bright LED display allows monitoring, with annunciation of receive and transmit operation , on all bands simultaneously, plus display of alpha numeric identifier of up to five active channels. Additionally, the TDFM-7300 can be installed to support simultaneous communications from different positions within the airframe (subject to installation options). This very flexible transceiver also allows for cross band repeat and simulcast on any or all bands (selectable by the operator.. Additionally, an RC-7300 Remote Control Unit is available (as an extra cost option), which will allow for the operation of the transceiver from a second location within the aircraft.

The TDFM-7300 is fully compliant with APCO/TIA-102, P-25 (Phase 1) and is capable of P25 trunking, AES, and P25 OTAR on all bands. Other trunking and encryption options include SmartNet and SMARTZONE trunking and DES, DES-XL, DES-OFB Encryption as well as Multi-Key and OTAR keying formats.

The TDFM-7300 P25 digital modules must be programmed using Motorola CPS software. The VHF Low Band, UHF and VHF/AM modules can be programmed from the front panel. Additional options are available which support operation within and existing Motorola radio system. Please contact Technisonic Sales Department for further information.

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