Surveillance to Investigation, Man Hunts to Drug Interdiction, everyday federal agencies are using aircraft in critical support of the officers and resources on the ground. Developed to support the broad and changing communications technologies and landscapes, The TDFM -9000 series of Multiband radios and tactical audio panels have found homes in over 12 different agencies operating everything from Robinsons to Blackhawks, Cubs to a Citations.

With capability to ensure reliable communications across the Project 25 spectrum as well as the analog bands of 30-50MHz / 107.9-117-9 /118.0 -156.0 / and Military UHF 225-400Mhz, the Federal Radio of choice is the fully customizable TDFM-9300.

For lighter Aircraft, the All-Band Module based TDFM-9100 meets the mission requirements by providing (2) two P25 modules that support not only all three bands, VHF 136-174Mhz, UHF-380-520Mhz and 764-870Mhz frequencies, but can be outfitted with an additional third T6 analog Module. Supporting all P25 and analog protocols such as Phase I and II trunking, Encryption and OTAR services.

For light aircraft communications, Technisonic now also offers the new TDAP-611 /650 Audio panels, developed specifically for Mission Based Aircraft, the TDAP  audio line provides the features and comm support needed all in small, lightweight package. Learn more about the TDAP audio systems here.

If you have a mission-based aircraft, you need to talk with Technisonic. For Federal sales and support, please contact Jim Huddock at Jhuddock@til.ca

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