Surveillance to Investigation, Man Hunts to Drug Interdiction, everyday federal agencies are using aircraft in critical support of the officers and resources on the ground. Developed to support a broad and changing patchwork communications technologies and landscapes, The new All-Band line of TDFM Multiband radios and tactical audio panels have found homes in over 12 different agencies operating everything from Robinsons to Blackhawks, Cubs to a Citations.

With capability to ensure reliable communications across the Project 25 spectrum as well as Military UHF 225-400Mhz, the Federal Radio of choice in federal operations is the TDFM-9300.

For lighter Aircraft, the All-Band Module based TDFM-9100 meets the mission requirments by providing (2) two P25 modules that support not only all three bands, VHF 136-174Mhz, UHF-380-520Mhz and 764-870Mhz frequencies, but can be outfitted to support both Phase I and II trunking, Encryption and OTAR services.

For light aircraft communications, Technisonic now also offers the new TDAP-611 Audio panel, developed specifically for Mission Based Aircraft, the TDAP-611 provides the features and comm support needed all in small, lightweight package. Learn more about the TDAP-611 here.

If you have a mission based aircraft, you need to talk with Technisonic. For Federal sales and support, Please contact Jim Huddock at Jhuddock@til.ca

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